Hiking/cycling app for mobile phones and tablets

With mobile phone app PhoneMaps you will never lose your way. PhoneMaps offers zoomable hiking and cycling maps with full network of marked hiking and cycling routes of almost whole Europe. Covered area is constantly enlarging. In app you can plan your holiday, during the activity orientate in terrain and record your tracks and experiences and then share them with your friends. Hiking or cycling content with marked hiking/cycling routes you will not find in Google or Apple Maps, you will not need to go to bookshop and buy paper map.

  • Language: English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Italian
  • Online and offline maps
  • Almost whole Europe till maximum map scale 1:5 000
  • Detailed hiking and cycling maps include marked hiking and cycling routes
  • Maps created by cartographic companies freytag&berndt and SHOCart
  • Hiking and travel guides from Bergverlag Rother, freytag&berndt
  • Vector maps: smaller, can be easily zoomable and rotated
  • Download map of area where you will go, map tiles are displayed as one map
  • All points in maps with interactive information (address, website, email, timetable, ....)
  • Interactive tourist attractions in maps (photos and texts)
  • Current GPS position
  • Locality searching
  • Record/import/export/management of user routes (gpx)
  • Record user Points of interest
  • Spatially localized taking photos in app
  • Online routing and searching of optimal routes in a map (for hikers, cyclers, cars)
  • Statistics of routes + elevation models of routes